Have You Ever Been Angry At God?

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Have You Ever Been Angry At God?

Anger is such a strong emotion. There are some really mad people in the world today. I mean just angry all the time. Angry for no reason. Negative Nancy. Spitting fire. Bitter with nothing good to say – EVER!These type of people always make me think – why are you so damn angry? Really… why?

I’ve been angry many times in my life and what I know is that there is always a source for the anger. I won’t tell you not to go through the emotion of experiencing anger, what I will tell you is do so in a healthy manner – without violence, physically hurting yourself or others, or hurling hurtful words at others (unless it’s in a letter that is never delivered, lol).

Yes definitely experience those emotions especially if it gets to the root cause of the anger. Yell, scream, cry, hit a punching bag, go for a run, write about it – just make sure it gets you to your purpose of identifying the cause. Most oftentimes the cause is going to be pain/hurt, disappointment, or confusion.

I recall a time when I was angry at God! Yes!! I was so excited about being pregnant with twin girls. We were trying for years without success and finally conceived through IVF. Our family was finally growing! We were making plans and preparing for the girls arrival. Then all of a sudden my water broke – I was only 22 weeks! WTF!

I went from being happy and full of life to mourning the loss of my children! My anger was directed at God. I went through the full emotional roller coaster and so many questions. How could this happen? – Confusion. Why did you let this happen? – Disappointment. I was just full of life, why am I am going home with empty arms? – Hurt/Pain.

Live a little longer and you are sure to experience a situation that makes you angry. Remember to search for the root cause so you can move past the anger and on to healing. I can say I am no longer angry about the loss of my girls. Do I miss them? Absolutely! But I know I have two of the cutest little #BattleBuddies with wings watching my back – and that gives me comfort.

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