3 Tips to Help You Combat Anger

3 Tips to Help You Combat Anger

Anger is a strong emotion. Some would even say it’s a volatile emotion. Most oftentimes anger is the root cause of violent behavior, reckless behavior and self-destructive behavior in individuals. Anger will manifest itself in this way when the individual experiencing the anger allows it to control them versus them getting control of the anger. This was me.

I experienced a lot of emotions when I retired from the Army after my 22-year career. I was proud of my accomplishment, excited and happy to be retiring. I was also nervous, anxious and sad – and this made me angry. I was mainly angry at myself for not being able to manage all the emotions I was experiencing. I was disappointed in myself.

Once I recognized the anger, I decided to not let it control me. I turned my angry energy into positive action. I did that by being honest with myself and recognizing anger for what it is:


Anger is a by-product of hurt or pain. This was true in my case and when I thought about it, true in most cases. Emotions are the result of your life situation – when things are good, you are happy; when things are bad, you are sad; and when life hurts you and you hold onto that pain you become angry. I had to search within to find the source of my anger. I had to take note of where I was directing my anger. I had to take action to prevent my anger from ruining my life, relationships and overall health. Which brings me to point number two…
Not addressing your anger can minimize your life’s accomplishments. I had just retired after serving a 22-year career in the military, I was supposed to be basking in the reward of that but I was too busy fighting with myself and my emotions. I knew it was time to retire. I was ready. I wasn’t ready for the emotional struggles I encountered when I transitioned – this is when anger entered my life. Initially I couldn’t enjoy retirement because I was too busy being angry. Which takes me straight to point number three…
Anger can hold you hostage and isolate you from your support network. I was losing it because I started to direct my anger at the people around me – my family. These were the people who loved me and wanted only the best for me – how could I be angry with them. Because anger is a destructive emotion if not handled or managed properly. Anger can leave a destructive path if angry energy is not put to good use. This is where I found myself – getting ready to destroy the most important relationships in my life because of anger. I knew I had to take action – positive action.
That’s exactly what I did, too – I took action. I got some much needed help. I learned to identify three things about anger that allowed me to turn my anger into positive energy:

Helpful Tips…

1)      Source

2)      Trigger

3)      Reaction

Once I identified the source of my anger, I was more aware of my triggers and then able to manage my reaction to anger. This revelation was truly life changing #BattleBuddy. If you are dealing with anger, it’s time to take steps to control it today. The first step starts with you being honest with yourself #BattleBuddy. Just start there, take the first step to free yourself from the grip of anger #BattleBuddy.