Hell Yeah I’m Scared

Someone asked me today, ‘Do you ever get scared or doubt yourself on this journey?’

I wanted to yell through the phone, “HELL YEAH, I GET SCARED!” Of course I doubt myself at times, just like most people, but there is one thing that drives me to keep going, even when I’m scared… the people who I am here to serve.

All my life I’ve had a desire to serve others, I believe it came from watching my great grandmother Lila King. She had the loving heart of a servant. And she always had a hot meal and a good Scripture for anyone who graced her doorstep.
I remember wanting to experience that same joy she showed when serving and taking care of others. That desire to serve landed me in the military where I served for 22 years. I served our great nation, I served the leaders I had the pleasure of working with and I served the amazing Soldiers I had the honor of serving with.

This desire to serve followed me into retirement, where I took on the mission of serving Military Members who are preparing to transition from the military. And now I serve Military Women and Women Veterans who have a story to share – women who have incredible stories that inspire and empower other Sisters in Arms to push through life’s challenges.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Fear As Motivation To Achieve Better Things

I’ve doubted myself every step of the way on this journey. Then someone will contact me and tell me how one of my books inspired them to push through a difficult period in their life. I recently received an email from someone who read my book before passing it along to a friend, he wrote ‘Lila, you are doing God’s work.’ I was honored and humbled at the same time.
Is that even possible?
I thought, ‘Wow! God’s work!’ and then, ‘not me…why me?’ But correspondence like this just fills my balloon and gives me the strength to keep going. There will be days, weeks, sometimes a month of Sundays will go by and I will think ‘does anyone hear me?’
Then I’ll get a confirmation and that will be just the boost I need to keep going…even if I have to move in fear, scared as hell, and full of doubt. Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from living out your life. We only get one chance and life is way too short to not live it to the fullest.