Daily Inspiration – March 11, 2014

My reading this morning was about right thinking.  This was a very good message because our thoughts,  like our words have so much power. They have the ability to change the course of our life let alone our day, mood or attitude.  I know for a fact that a person’s perception becomes their reality. Many times we draw the wrong conclusion based on our thoughts.  For example, I shared with my husband one time that when he says to me “we need to talk” I automatically assume somet…hing is wrong. My thinking reverts back to being a child or teenager when those were the words that preceded punishment or correction in my behavior. He wasn’t aware of this before I shared that with him and always wondered why communication was so difficult – my thinking was all wrong going into the conversation. I’ve had to learn and train myself to think differently since sharing that with him. It’s a continuous process but it has helped improve our communication. Here is an excerpt from my morning reading that is sure to bless you: We must stop merely waiting for something good to happen and take action to ensure that something good will happen.

I am truly amazed when I consider the fact that we have the ability to make ourselves happy or sad by what we choose to think about. The Bible says we must be satisfied with the consequences of our words, whether they are good or evil (see Proverbs 18:20).

Our words begin with our thoughts, so the same principle that applies to our mouths also applies to our minds. We need to be satisfied with the consequences of our thoughts because they hold the power of life and death. I would add that they hold the power of contentment and discontent, of joy and sadness.

Trust in Him God has given us the ability to make choices about so many things in life, including our thoughts, and we must be responsible to make those choices carefully. Trust Him to help you choose positive thoughts and to think on purpose.

Have a Positive Thinking Tuesday! Be blessed beautiful people!