Why Isn’t Freedom Really Free? You Owe it to your Battle Buddy’s!

Wrapping up my summer vacation and it has been a blast. A great time of rest and relaxation. Hanging with my daughter and grandson. Eating whatever I wanted! Sleeping in!

Times like these are what life is really all about.

I know a lot of Military Members and Veterans who have a hard time turning off the ‘intensity.’ Taking time to ‘smell the baking cookies.’ While I love the look of roses, I never really liked the smell of them – but cookies! They stop me in my tracks!

I’m not saying let your guard down completely because we all know there are some people out there with the full intent to harm others. And then there are accidents and just plain ol’ stupid, reckless people. For this reason we have to always keep safety for our family at the front of our minds.

But take time to enjoy life – the life we served for and our comrades died for. Where we can take our kids on vacation. Where we can take time to rest and recharge our batteries in preparation for the new school year. Take time to laugh at ourselves and be silly. This life is a choice. I choose to create incredible memories with my daughter and grandson. I choose to be silly for the sake of putting a smile on their faces. I choose to relax because it’s good for my health and mental stability.

And when I think about the statement ‘Freedom isn’t free,’ I know exactly what that means. It means that I owe it to those #BattleBuddies who paid the ultimate sacrifice to choose to live the best life I can. So here’s to road trips and lots of laughter in the summer!