Attention: Once a Soldier, Always A Soldier

I had the honor of doing an interview yesterday with the Brotherhood Connection out of Houston, Texas. It was an absolute pleasure because I felt like I had sat down and was catching up with an old #BattleBuddy. We shared pieces of our story – of our time in uniform and the struggles we encountered in transition. We even laughed as we talked about some of our frustrations when dealing with civilians. No, we can not yell out orders to civilians, that doesn’t go over well. No, we can not call them names, not cool! No, they’re not going to do things the way we would, as fast as we could, or with the laser focus we are used to from our fellow Service Members. It’s just not going to happen.

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. But the best thing about the interview is that we discussed progress. Progress in the transition process. Progress in our lives after the military. And progress demonstrates personal growth and maturity which leads to success.

Most Military Members transition with ease, or at least they make it look easy as they grow comfortable in the next chapter of their life. This is what we are taught in the military – to complete the mission successfully. Even if you encounter some difficulties #BattleBuddy, know that you are not the only one to ever have these feelings. There are so many branches and sequels to the transition process for a military family. The key is to reach out for help.

There is someone out there who has the answer you are seeking or encountered the same issue and is ready to share their lessons learned. We are taught the team concept in the military and that should not change in transition. I believe it becomes even more critical to surround yourself with resources to help you and your family during transition. Your fellow #BattleBuddy is ready to help, all you have to do is ask!