5 Proven Reasons You Should Laugh At Your Marriage!

Marriage takes a lot of things – love, teamwork, compromise, understanding, and patience to name a few.

Do You Need To Laugh At Your Marriage?

Another important ingredient to a great marriage – Humor. I think it takes a good sense of humor to have a great marriage. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and things more during our 15 year marriage.

Making jokes about a situation can lighten the mood and make talking about a tough topic easier. I was just joking with my husband about the number of sneakers he has in the closet. While we were laughing and joking about the 100 pairs of gym shoes he has – in my mind I was thinking ‘for real though, please don’t bring another pair of Nike’s up in here…I can’t take the clutter.”

But as I thought about it, I had to chuckle because at the end of the day – who cares? What’s another pair of sneakers – nothing. I love my husband dearly and I appreciate him and all his obsessions – he has 5 pairs of the same white Nike Uptown sneakers!!! I think about the sacrifices we made in our years of military service. The long periods of separation. The unspoken danger we were in during deployments. And I thank God that we are both here to be able to laugh and crack jokes on each other. So if he finds another pair of kicks on sale and just has to have them – I won’t say a word. I’m sure he could have plenty to say about all my wigs taking up residence in our walk-in closet, LOL!

#BattleBuddy take time to laugh with your spouse, at your spouse and at yourself! It’s good for your soul and your marriage!