Can I be Honest – I’m A Stalker!

I sit here and I have no problem telling others they must be willing to accept and embrace change. Yes, it’s what I say and I mean it. I even mean it for myself. I know the one constant in life is change. I  know that we must prepare as best we can for change so that we can manage the emotions that accompany all change.
Then why have I turned into a Periscope Stalker!?!?! I mean – this is change in this day and age, right? Everyone who is tech savvy will tell you Periscope is the future. And apparently there are people doing big business on Periscope. You see, they have embraced change.
I on the other hand, am following some Periscope superstars. They are really rocking it out! They make it look so easy. Is it really that easy? I wouldn’t know, because while I’m hearting them up and cheering them on I have yet to get consistent with my own Periscope campaign. I have something to say! So what’s my hold up, you ask?
To be honest, I don’t wake up like this! So I am not always camera ready. It seems like so much to do to stay consistent. Who’s going to want to listen to me? Will people really want to hear what I have to share? The more I try to make up excuses, the less effect they are. There really is no excuse and the truth is – I’m a Stalker! Worst of all I am not heading my own advice. And this is what bothers me most. So, I pledge today to get started. I vow to embrace change in the tech world, no matter how terrifying it seems. I hope you join me #BattleBuddy and heart me up if you catch me out there Scoping!