Tears of A Soldier

Tears of A Soldier

We’ve all experienced pain before. Some of us, pain so bad it’s hard to even mention. Just the mere memory causes us to relive the experience again with full emotional response.

I’ve been there before. I even wrote about one such experience in my book #BattleBuddy. It took a lot of healing to get to the place where I could discuss the pain without tears and write about the experience without slipping into depression. I battled within if I should even include my hurtful experience in my book. Then I thought- why not, it’s part of my story.

I am glad that I did. I had a session yesterday with a young woman and she shared with me she read my book. She mentioned one part was hard to get through and had her very emotional. She even grabbed a tissue as she was sharing then. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

I told her that experience should have broke me. As I was going through it, I actually felt like I was broken and would never feel joy again. I shared with her that it took a lot of healing to make it out of that dark place. I opened up and told her I was proud of myself even then that I was able to discuss it without tearing up.


Pain is another strong emotion we experience in life. An emotion that causes a strong reaction. An emotion with a source. That is key – finding the source of the pain so you can start the healing process. When dealing with pain, I never have to search hard to find the source – it hits me in the face and lingers like the stench of rotting garbage.

I found that with pain I sometimes need to reach out for help to move through the healing process. Either my faith, a counselor, family or friends offer me hope that there is a light at the end of the dark painful tunnel. Often times it just takes time to move on to healing. For me the pain doesn’t go away – it’s dulled to the point where I am able to continue living a full life.

My hope is that others who read my story in #BattleBuddy understand that:
1. Even pain has an expiration date
2. You do not have to suffer in silence or alone
3. Someone else has gone through similar or worse pain and made it through
4. After pain comes healing – it may take some time
5. Get help if needed

That session surely touched my heart and just reconfirmed that sharing that part of my story was the right thing to do. #BattleBuddy #MySistersKeeper #DoNotSufferInSilence