Thank You For Your Sacrifice and Service

Thank You For Your Sacrifice and Service

I read a post this morning about a Facebook friend’s encounter with a young military spouse. It was quite an experience for this friend because this young woman got pretty emotional during their encounter and shared that her husband just left on ‘unaccompanied orders.’ The young spouse had 3 children with her, two toddlers and an infant.

I immediately went back to a time when I was her. I was younger but maybe not as young as this young woman. It was when my husband was deployed to Iraq in 2003. He ended up missing the whole pregnancy and birth of our daughter, his first child. And while I knew this and could even put myself in his shoes to feel his pain in the situation – could only focus on my feelings because they were raw and in my face at the time. My husband did get a chance to come home on leave for two weeks when our baby was five days old. It was an instant connection between them – she knew he was her Daddy and he experienced love like never before.

Then came that dreadful day he had to go back to finish his deployment. We drove to the airport – the longest drive I ever experienced. Then came the call for him to board his plane. Oh my goodness! I tried, really I did, to not cry in front of him. To be strong for our little family. I failed miserably. When he loaded that plane the flood gates opened up! It became hard to breath from crying so hard. I had to sit in the airport for about 30 minutes to get my composure in order to drive back home.

I remember an older woman coming over to comfort me and thanking our family for our sacrifice and service to our country. I felt a little better after that. Sometime people don’t get it, the whole family serves. There is a level of sacrifice each family member gives. A young spouse is thrown into a situation that feels overwhelming but she is expected to be strong and carry on. Military children are moved around on a whim and expected to adapt and overcome. And let’s not forget our #BattleBuddy who misses countless family milestones, never to recapture that moment in time.

But this is what we signed up for, volunteered to do, right? I guess. I mean we did volunteer and sign up to serve our country, but at what cost? I will continue to pray for our military members, my #BattleBuddies, and their families because so many prayed for mine and we survived. Stay strong and know that you have been given a mission you are equipped to handle. Surround yourself with a good support system, cherish the moments you have together and thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country.