I Am Not Invisible, I am a Female Veteran


I had the distinct pleasure and honor to participate in a Women’s Expo in Atlanta. It was a great experience because I was able to meet and connect with so many incredible Female Veterans and Military Women. This is the reason I do what I do because of my Sisters-in-Arms – We are indeed a special breed of woman!

Several things stood out to me during my weekend in Atlanta:
  • Military Women are incredible!! We are mothers, wives, sisters, security guards, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and beauty queens! Yes, BEAUTY QUEENS! We are a special breed indeed.
  • Military Women are hiding in plain sight. There is greatness inside each one of us, so why are we hiding? We were leaders, NCOs, Officers, Warrant Officers, Mechanics, Intelligence Analysts, Logistician, and Nurses. The world needs to experience each one of our gifts.
  • Military Women are hurting. Many of us are suffering in silence because we feel like no one understands us. While this may seem true, we cannot isolate ourselves, minimize our military service, or deny we are hurting. We must seek help if we are in need of it and we must build a strong support system around us – a Sister Circle. We must be our Sister’s Keeper – our Sisters in Arms Keeper.

Enjoy this article about how Los Angeles county is helping Female Veterans.  http://www.publicceo.com/2016/04/los-angeles-county-is-supporting-women-veterans/

We are Female Veterans and Military Women; we are special indeed! We speak a unique language, have a special sense of humor and look great in a pair of combat boots! Embrace your greatness Sisters! We’ve served our country honorably – We are Female Veterans and we ARE NOT invisible. #BattleBuddy  #CamouflagedSisters  #SistersinArms